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Have you tried all the things? Purchased all the expensive products? And still can’t find a happy place with the skin on your face?!?! The answer may be simpler then you think!

Below I’ll talk about some common at home mistakes consumers make and simple ways to break the cycle and love the skin you are in.

  1. Over or underuse of products.

Yes, using too much or too little can seriously do harm. Too much can clog your pores, leave behind a residue, or even decrease efficacy because a barrier gets created preventing absorption of the good stuff as intended. Using too little may not allow your skin to get even benefit across your whole face.  Follow this diagram below (and the instructions on your product label) to ensure you are using the correct amount.

Cleanser– use a pea sized amount, lather well

Toner- about a dime sized amount if a liquid toner on a cotton ball or a pea sized amount rubbed between clean hands if a gel toner

Serum– about the size of 2 sunflower seeds

Exfoliator– a dime sized amount

Mask- a dime sized amount

Moisturizer– About the size of 2 sunflower seeds, 4 if your skin is extremely dry

Sunscreen– 2 sunflower seeds

2. Not allowing products to dry or absorb before applying the next product.

We are all rushing from place to place, meeting to meeting. Life is busy! Don’t let it be at your skins expense. Set aside 10 minutes per day after your shower for your face. Wash your face in the shower. Apply your toner, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it to completely dry, then apply your serum, wait again for it to dry. Once your skin feels as though the serum has dried, it means your skin has slurped up the quench of vitamins, hydration, and all the juicy stuff! Next apply your moisturizer (I like a good oil moisturizer myself, but whatever your jam, do you), then once you no longer feel the tackiness, rub a little sunscreen between your 2 hands and pat gently on top. Or bonus if you use a moisturizer with sunscreen already inside, in which case you can skip the last step.

3. Washing your face with water that’s too hot!

We all know that hot water feels amazing on our bodies, but it’s not the best option for your face. Many gel cleansers now say on the bottle “rinse with cold water” or “remove with cool water” because many cleansers contain fruit acids or enzymes that should not over penetrate the epidermis. Hot water and steam dilates your pores, and that combined with over penetration of acids or enzymes can cause hyperpigmentation. Follow the instructions on your bottle.

4. Applying products in the wrong order.

Because products change the PH of your skin, and some are meant to absorb and some are meant to sit on top of the skin and protect, applying in an incorrect order can be very detrimental, and expensive. Most products clearly state on the label which order they should be used in, however if you are using products from more than one product line this can get confusing because some product lines may include 3 steps and some may include 6, for this reason if you are not a skin expert or acting on the advice of a specialist it may be best for you to stick one product line. Typically below is the correct order for most product lines:

  1. Pre-cleanse (make up remover or an oil cleanser)
  2. Cleanser (usually a gel or foaming cleanser)
  3. Exfoliator (if needed, usually once a week or once a month is enough)
  4. Mask (typically only needed once or twice per month)
  5. Toner (be careful some can over strip your skin, pay attention as to whether you feel dry or nourished after application)
  6. Serum
  7. Moisturizer

5. Washing your face too much or too little.

Washing your face too much can cause a breakout just as fast as poor hygiene. Going crazy washing your face 4 times a day and have acne? Your skin is probably over processed. Try cutting back to twice a day, or even once a day, and try a cream cleanser during the day, and only use a foaming or gel cleanser at night before bed. If you are ready to cut back to once a day, do it at night before bedtime. Washing your face in the morning is not usually really necessary unless you sweat a lot while you sleep, or if you are a mouth breather and drool on your face while you sleep. If you aren’t washing your face daily and you have acne, try washing once a day in the evening, or twice a day using a gel or foaming cleanser in the evening and a cream cleanser in the morning.

6. Not following manufacturer’s instructions.

The specialists that designed and manufactured the skin care products we use typically have an extensive amount of knowledge and education in regards to the ingredients, use, and efficacy of them. So read the labels on the skin care products you use and follow them, usually there is also a customer service number on the bottles in case you have questions. Which is great source for free help with a products use.

7. Not drinking enough water.

The human body LOVES water. Your body is supposed to be 70% water. If your skin is dry, irritated, or you have acne, your skin may just be thirsty. Try to drink at least (8) 8oz. glasses per day, a few more if its summer or you work out a lot. Drink up!

8. Know when to see a professional.

If what you have tried is not working consistently, schedule an appointment with a Licensed Aesthetician or a Dermatologist. We all love a good DIY approach, but sometimes we need a professional. I wouldn’t try to change the oil in my car myself.


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