What if I told you that you could cleanse your body and spirit by steaming your V? Yoni Steaming is one of the latest trends that has been sweeping the spa and wellness industry and taking women by surprise. Also known as vaginal steaming, Yoni steaming is an ancient practice in holistic medicine that has many physical and spiritual benefits. To those in natural health practice, this isn’t new information because Yoni steams have been around for centuries of time, but to some, the idea of steaming their vagina yields concern on its own. 

The word Yoni is derived from the Sankrit dialect that means womb or vagina. This treatment is very simple and painless. It is highly encouraged by those who practice traditional healing. In fact, many women who have had this procedure found it extremely beneficial and relaxing. In a Yoni steam, a steam seat is filled with hot water that has been infused with herbs that are said to be good for the vagina. Some herbs used in the steam are herbs such as oregano, basil, turmeric, chamomile, mugwort, wormwood, rosemary, lavender, rose petals and calendula. These herbs work together with the steam to help cleanse the reproductive organs leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Yoni steaming is believed to provide many benefits both physically and spiritually. It can help to reduce stress, relieve symptoms of depression, aid in the body’s healing of infections, improve fertility, and improve hormone imbalance. Some might ask how a vaginal steam can help improve a woman’s emotional energy? The herbs in a Yoni steam help encourage the release of built up emotions so that all those negative feelings can be removed from the inner spirit. The herbal steam can help improve fertility by increasing blood circulation in the pelvic area so that the menstrual cycle stays regulated and cleanses the uterus thoroughly keeping the womb prepared for possible pregnancy. It is also believed that Yoni steams can help remedy infections and any uterine pathology such as yeast infections. 

Although these benefits sound amazing, there is no medical evidence outside of natural health practice that can confirm the link of these benefits to Yoni Steaming. In fact, many Ob/Gyns have said that Yoni steams can be dangerous, because introducing steam to the vagina can expose it to possible bacterial growth that could cause yeast or other infections to grow. Ob/Gyns have also said that steaming the vagina can cause intravaginal burns and irritation. Since there is no medical evidence on the impacts a Yoni steam can have on an individual, it is also not suggested that women who are pregnant or trying to conceive get Yoni steams, as it may cause or increase the potential for miscarriages’.

Also, before getting a Yoni Steam make sure the equipment being used is safe. Some steam seats can be coated in varnish that contain VOC chemicals (volatile organic compounds). These chemicals when mixed with steam are very bad for the vagina and over time can cause problems such as but not limited to cancer. To ensure your safety, always ask and make sure that the steam seat is properly sanitized, and unstained or coated in varnish that does not contain VOC chemicals. Also make sure that the distance of the steam from your body is not too close to cause burns or discomfort. Nonetheless, for those who use natural medicine, Yoni steams are said to be extremely beneficial but do still pose health risks in the medical world, so an individual must be very careful when deciding to get one. To fully understand the risks or to gain more insight on Yoni Steams, contact one of our steam specialists at Old Mechanicsville Health Spa. 

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