FEET in the water, ASS in the sand!

FEET in the water, ASS in the sand!

Why is a trip to the beach so DAMN healing?

“A little bit of sand between your toes takes away your woes” – Anonymous

Always feel better mentally, physically, spiritually if you go to the beach? We all do, there is actual science behind it!

  1. Vitamin D- The sun nourishes you with Vitamin D! The sun’s rays (yep, the same ones that cause skin cancer) trigger your cholesterol within your body to pump out natural vitamin D to nourish your body. Vitamin D is not common in foods but is necessary for calcium absorption. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to rickets in children. Vitamin D is also essential for proper immune function. Perhaps this is why some believe COVID-19 will simply “go away” during the summer. 
  2. Ultraviolet Rays- The sun’s rays kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are so powerful as a sterilization tool that worldwide HVAC companies are selling out of inner duct units that recreate these rays. We use the Remy Halo at my spa. People are purchasing these units for commercial and residential use to prevent the spread of the current pandemic. They run from about $400 to $3500 installed, but you can get these benefits for free, go outside and let the sun heal you!
  3. Salt Water- Saltwater is incredibly healing! Ever been told by a doctor to gargle warm salt water for a sore throat? The salt helps dry up the excess fluids and pull out the germs. Or to take a steamy epsom salt bath for achy muscles because the magnesium sulfate helps with muscle recovery? Saltwater also helps dry up acne. I have seen a lot of sea salt toners hitting the market in professional skin care lines lately, although you could easily make your own. (Recipe at the bottom of this blog). Furthermore saltwater is an excellent source of trace minerals that can easily be absorbed through the skin and beneficial to our bodies.  
  4. Waves- The sound of the waves crashing on the sand is meditative. Many spas (mine included), have sound machines in their relaxation area to recreate this sound because it is so relaxing. We also have probably 15 different CD’s with this sound, some with a gentle guitar playing while the waves crash, and some with gentle choral singing along with the oceans’ natural sound, and some only waves because people love this sound! Who doesn’t want a mental journey to the beach while being massaged or receiving a facial? We even have a popular signature service on our menu to recreate a day at the beach with hot stones, and coconut oil. 

In summary, your best self-care may be as simple as investing in that beach trip you have not been prioritizing! If not, at least hop in a kiddie pool in the backyard. 

Homemade Sea Salt Toner-

6 oz distilled water

2 oz witch hazel

½ teaspoon of sea salt

A few drops of your favorite essential oils

Shake until salt dissolves. Apply with a cotton ball after washing your face over acne or blemishes. Don’t forget to moisturize after! 

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