Brandi Bovell

Part Time
Licensed & Insured Massage Therapist
Licensed and Insured Aesthetician
Certified Natural Health Practitioner
Marketing Coach
Business Owner

Full Time
Super Hero
and Mom

I have a lot to talk about and a lot of knowledge to share, I hope you enjoy my blog.

My friends/ My Tribe/ Guest Bloggers:

Dr. Jess Norris

Jessica has over 15 years of experience as an analytical scientist. After receiving her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Virginia, she began working for a forensic science start-up company. The seventy hour weeks that she worked were brutal, but her work was fulfilling, as it was geared towards making this world a better place. However, her life journey took some unexpected turns: her father unexpectedly passed away, making her the sole caregiver for her disabled mother. She became pregnant and had her first child. She received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.  And these events all occurred within the span of one year. Working long hours was no longer feasible; the universe had provided her signs that she needed to slow down and take better care of her health and well-being. She changed her diet, exercise regiment, and began to educate herself on aromatherapy. She treated several of her MS symptoms with essential oils, with great success – and was transformed into a believer in aromatherapy, as well as other complementary and alternative methods of medical treatment.

A specialist in multiple sclerosis advised Jessica to take up a craft as an occupational therapy modality. She began making jewelry using semi-precious gemstone and lava stone beads, specializing in unique essential oil diffuser jewelry – jewelry that was both practical and attractive. The hobby turned into a business, and the business turned into a phenomenon! Her aromatherapy bracelets are available throughout the United States through both wholesale and retail marketing.

Throughout her recent journey, Jessica never lost sight of her scientific background and desired to combine her knowledge of aromatherapy with her expertise in analytical science. She is proud to establish an aromatherapy institute (scheduled for early 2018) which will provide aromatherapy education based on scientific research and clinical evidence from the perspective of someone who practices aromatherapy – not just for herself, but for her entire family.

Aubrey Eicher, Personal Trainer Extraordinaire

Hi there, I’m Aubrey!

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • RRCA Certified Run Coach
  • TRX Suspension Training Certified
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialization
  • Behavior Change Specialization
  • 7 years’ study of psychology and motivation with the Veritas Institute

I became a personal trainer with a passion and desire to change lives positively – for the better. Hence I am a holistic personal trainer. In my own journey, I encountered much more than developing a higher level of fitness, but the principles that I learned through application in training have applied to so many areas of my life. Little did I know the impact fitness training could make and the way it would sincerely touch my heart through other people in a profound way.

I work with everyone from the newcomer to the seasoned athlete, and everyone in between who wants to create sustainable, enjoyable lifestyle changes and achieve their health, fitness and wellness goals.

I have certifications, I have experience, and I’ve helped people get results – but what I believe is most important to include in that list, is that I have heart.