Natural Health Consultation

A Natural Health Consultation includes a comprehensive look at your diet, herbs and supplements, lifestyle and activity level. We ask that you schedule this service at least 2 weeks out to ensure you have time to complete a minimum of 2 weeks worth of a food diary, that includes everything you put into your body, at what time, and how much. A general template is here:

After reviewing lifestyle and nutrition together, we will come up with a plan. I will follow up within 2 weeks to see how our plan is working for you and make adjustments if needed. Any additional questions via email are included at no additional cost.

1st session $95, follow up session if needed $50

Ear Candling

This service is great for clearing build up in the ears, improving hearing for some clients. This service consists of (2) hollow candles being burned in each ear canal creating a soothing smoke that travels deep inside the ear canal. Many practitioners say that this creates a suction removing excess wax, I personally do not believe that, but rather I feel like it the smoke dries up the excess. I offer this service because it feels really good to allow the smoke to dry out my sinuses, and I always feel like I can hear better after.

Yoni Steaming (V-Steam or Vaginal Steaming)

Awaken your inner Goddess.
Yoni Steaming is also known as Vaginal Steaming or sometimes called the trendier term “V- Steaming” by the Hollywood stars that have made this ancient practice more popular in the US. Yoni Steaming is considered a necessary health treatment in Africa, Central America, and Asia. A woman relaxes on a customized seat designed to allow steam infused herbs to gently relax and steam the muscles and skin of the vagina. Why? Well, why steam anything? Why do we relax in a steam room? Why do we steam our faces during a skincare treatment? Some of the health benefits are listed below, but more simply, it feels good.
Some benefits include:
Deep relaxation
Reduction of pain and symptoms of menstruation
Increase healing after child birth or other pelvic trauma
Detoxifies the pelvic girdle & removes toxins from the body
Increase fertility
Helps reawaken the spiritual aspect of divine feminine energy within
Better connection to partner due to vaginal tightening
Increases blood flow to the area
Feels amazing
45 minutes/ $65