What are intern Massages?

Intern massages are a great way for clients on a tight budget to receive entry level experience bodywork, and for students to get the extra experience they need.

Old Mechanicsville Health Spa offers massage therapy by students (nearing the end of their education program) to help them further their education. To receive massage from one of our interns; client is required to complete and sign a waiver/ hold harmless agreement. Client is required to pay a small administrative fee to use these services. Students can do most of our regular massage services including swedish, deep tissue, sports, NMT, trigger point, prenatal and hot stone. Simply book a 60, 90 or 120 minute intern massage and type in the notes section specifically what you are looking for as some modalities require pre set up.

60 minutes $40
90 minutes $60
120 minutes $80
$20 extra for hot stones
***Please note, we do not accept any coupons for intern services, as the fee charged is an administrative fee to cover the cost of room use, lotion, equipment, and managements time to supervise. By law our interns are not compensated for their internship. All fees charged cover our costs to assist in their learning only. This policy is not negotiable. Also intern massages are not available if the schools do not have students to provide to us, if the website does not show availability, there is none. Click here to sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know when students are available.