French Riviera Couples Suite

Take a journey along this famous French River to visit cathedrals, bistros, and wine shops……….. or just come visit us and pretend you are in Paris. The French Riviera is a dual Massage Therapy or Aesthetics Couples Suite with a airy shade of blue on the walls and Parisian decor adorned throughout. Any of our treatments can be offered in this diverse room.

Riviera Maya Couples Suite







Bring your friend, your mom, or significant other in to get massages together in the same room. Bring your senses to the tranquil setting of the beach.  Here you will be immersed in the calming shades of spa blue and sand-colored interior as your thoughts drift closer to the shoreline.  The serenely lit ambiance of lighthouse and tea light décor allows your eyes and body to rest, while the optional massage table warmer provides a sensation similar to reclining on the beach on a warm, sunny day.