Yoga MAt bags

Eco-Friendly way to improve your yoga

As an Eco-Friendly day spa, we had to get creative to find a way to keep those old linens out of the landfills.

Local and Responsible

You have probably never given any thought to what happens to the old linens at the spa after your massage or facial, once they have been washed and washed over and over again in very hot water with EPA approved disinfectants to ensure a properly sanitized space. As you can imagine, the degree of cleaning protocol we follow to ensure a safe space for you and us disintegrates the sheets, towels, robes, and rags very quickly.

Old Mechanicsville Health Spa’s founder Brandi Bovell teamed up with Diane Whitbeck, retired writer, and crafter extraordinaire. Diane brilliantly created a plan to turn them into yoga mat bags, and from-scratch drew up the designs to crochet the ripped up sheets into unique creations.

The coolest part (in my opinion, although it’s all pretty magical) is that these bags will hold up to being washed in your hottest water, and with pine sol or oxyclean (or whatever you disinfect with) added to the wash to kill bacteria, viruses, and germs that we are all pretty paranoid about right now. Can your current bag hold up to daily, or even weekly machine washings? Ours can! Find one that fits your aura, because it will literally be the last mat you ever need to buy!

What style fits your pose