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We understand the budget may not always allow for a spa visit. We offer several options to help you with this. Learn more below!


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Spa Membership​

We offer budget friendly subscription spa memberships. Starting as low as $79 per month, payable by direct bank to bank transfer OR $83 per month payable by Flexible Spend Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, or credit card. Members save on services and retail, get free upgrades, and priority scheduling. Learn more below!
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Student Spa Treatments

Student massage therapy and skin care services are offered when students are available. Intern massages and apprentice skincare services are a great way for clients on a tight budget to receive entry level experience bodywork or skincare, and for students to get the extra experience they need.

Old Mechanicsville Health Spa offers student massage therapy and skincare by students (nearing the end of their education program) to help them complete their education. To receive massage, facials, wax hair removal, or lash or brow enhancements from one of the students; client is required to complete and sign a waiver/ hold harmless agreement. Client is required to pay a small administrative fee to use these services. Students can do most of our regular services.

$20 extra for hot stones

***Please note, we do not accept any coupons for student services, as the fee charged is an administrative fee to cover the cost of room use, products, equipment, and management time to supervise. Student Services are not available if the schools do not have students to provide to us, if the website does not show availability we do not currently have students available.

Be our model!

I currently am offering black head removal at no cost to you. The catch; You let me use your pictures or videos for advertising purposes, and I perform your treatment for free. If you struggle with blackheads and would like to be considered for volunteered treatments with me please email me. Your email should include:
  1. Photos of problem area(s)
  2. Your goals
  3. Any back story you may have in regards to how this problem negatively affects your confidence and/ or daily life.
Email us at
 to be considered.

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