Old Mechanicsville Health Spa

An Eco Friendly Holistic Day Spa Experience to rejuvenate your wellbeing

Our goal at Old Mechanicsville Spa is to customize a plan for your total body healing while providing you a soothing spa experience.

Cozy Space
Hospitable Staff

When you book a treatment with us, we begin customizing your wellness plan immediately. After booking online, you will be asked to fill out our questionnaire that allows us to get to know your aches, tight spots, skin concerns, or other ailments. By thoroughly understanding your woes, we can best mend. Upon arrival you will be asked to remove your shoes and offered cozy socks. You will be offered tea, wine, or water to enjoy while we chat about your intake form and make sure you and your provider have complete understanding of treatment goals and plan. From there, let us take care of you, your only job at that point is to breathe and enjoy an amazing session. As an eco friendly spa we do this while operating off of solar panels on our roof, to provide you the best without harming our Mother Earth.

Individual Packages

Perfect for helping you relax and make your spirit fulfilled.


Get your partner and yourself something you can truly enjoy!

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